About AES

In Kenya, Africa Eco Safaris has relationships with multiple clients. Our service solution is tailored to meet every client's individual needs no matter the size, composition or complexity. It is however important that we can "add value" and that each catering proposition we have the opportunity to participate in is carefully considered by not only our business development teams, but also our operational teams who are ultimately responsible for delivery of the services.

Our Mission

The Company is committed to providing high quality services that are safe, and meet the expectations of our clients and customers.

Our Vision

Our starting point for our vision is "Great People" because as a service business, people are at the heart of our success. Without them, we could not deliver the outstanding service and commitment to quality that our customers and clients have come to expect of us.

Without "Great Service", we would not be able to achieve the consistently "Great Results" that we have enjoyed over the last decade - results we intend to continue enjoying in the future.

Our Culture

As a business, we have come a long way but are of the opinion that the process of learning and improving our offerings to our clients and tailoring or services to the environment and client requirements is an organic continually evolving process with no room for complacency or resting on our laurels.

Our core skills are in life support services. Our unique history provides a vital element of our foodservice offer giving our clients and customers an unmatchable experience.