Your project could be a powerplant, a railway line, a desalination facility, an oil refinery or perhaps a dam. We also know that this type of project can be very long term, with large remote camps running for years. With projects of this nature we look at aspects that can save you time and save you money, such as better use of logistics or camp layout.

Project Management

Our team is committed to facilitating the delivery of solutions. We are able to provide advice and support from the early stages of partner selection through to the operational phase of the project

Technical Management

We employ competent, experience and fully trained managers who can appraise the technical issues that arise and provide solutions that the stakeholders can rely on.

Health and Safety Compliance

The responsibilities of Directors in respect to Health and Safety are becoming ever more onerous. We can help assist you in these matters by ensuring that health and safety is given the proper regard

Flexibility is also vitally important, as many construction projects will go through several phases and with each phase a new set of contractors may be on site and therefore in your camp.

Total co-ordination of this movement of people and resources is all handled by AES to make sure your project runs to plan. Our integrated support services are designed around your needs and the needs of the project and whilst we will always aim to keep costs down, we will never compromise on quality or safety.