Corporate Overview

African Eco Safaris is a Kenyan based Safari Company, owned and operated by born and bred Kenyans with over 20 years in the tourism industry. The company has offered services to a diversity of clients, from the tourist on safari to corporate businesses, military organizations, the entertainment industry, and university and research groups.

With the capacity to accommodate and cater for groups as large as 300, Africa Eco Safaris offers the following supplies and services in even the remotest areas of Africa.

Service solutions are tailored to meet every client‟s individual needs no matter the size, composition or complexity. Each contract is carefully considered by not only the business development team, but also the operational teams who are ultimately responsible for delivery of services.

The depth and breadth of Africa Eco Safaris ensures that we are well positioned to draw upon specialist personnel who are the leaders in their respective fields to tackle even the most complicated transitions and mobilised a new site successfully at any time, in any location.

Africa Eco Safaris has been successful in managing accounts and entering into long-term partnerships due to our personalised and tailored approach. We have an exceptionally strong local team, led by the Director, Mr Asad Anwar. The company also has an international contingent with the second Director of the company, Vickey Puncheon, who has years more than 15 years experience in senior management, based in Australia working with Australia's leading remote site service provider.

With Vickey and Asad at the helm, Africa Eco Safaris is providing services commensurate with the western world. Our core focus is to deliver great service, with great results, whilst emphasising the core reason for our existence – integrated service solutions in remote locations.

In every area, Africa Eco Safaris delivers: from competitive pricing, to exceeding customer expectations, to the commitment of our local teams.

Key highlights of our proposal include:

  • Diverse menu choices supported by fresh and hygienic services
  • Vast wealth of experience in remote logistics
  • Eco friendly waste management systems
  • Integration of the community in the project
  • Trained and dedicated local personnel
  • Transparency in partnership