We are exceptional in our food delivery that is not only healthy but very delicious. Africa Eco Safaris traditionally holds theme days fortnightly within its business, It’s "chopsticks at the ready" as our professional chefs prepare healthy dishes from around the world.

More than just "theatre cooking", audience participation is the name of the game, as chefs promote the importance of healthy eating while demonstrating various cooking techniques. We give you a reason not to miss home because we bring it to you.

Below are few demonstrations

Arroz a La Mexicana

A delicious selection of local seafood, chorizo, and chicken tossed through rice, roasted tomato and seasonal vegetables


Grilled with Creole spices served with a chickpea, date and coriander salsa drizzled with a lemon infused olive oil dressing

Polloi Mango

Chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and olives wrapped in filo pastry baked and served on a bed of garlic mash.

Beef Chimichanga

Slow cooked beef with pinto beans, Aztec spices and raisins wrapped in a flour tortilla, deep-fried and served with rice, fresh greens, cactus salsa and a tomatillo chilli salsa.


Pumpkin Tostada

Sautéed spinach, mushrooms, onion, peppers, pine nuts, roasted pumpkin, and a blend of three cheeses stacked with 2 crispy blue corn tortillas and served with guacamole, salsa and lime crema.


Platters of fresh seasonal fruit ice cream, cakes and homemade chocolate dipping sauce, mini pizzas etc.

Food Safety with HACCP

Food safety is of paramount importance to Africa Eco Safaris and as a result, our clients and customers are served food that has met stringent requirements designed to prevent any harm caused by bacteria, viruses, chemicals, toxins or foreign bodies. In all of Africa Eco Safaris practices and procedures, we strive to maintain optimum hygiene standards.

  • All staff members involved in food preparation and distribution must complete an intensive, accredited Food Hygiene for Food Handlers course.
  • Signage is used throughout all food preparation and delivery areas to reinforce and remind staff of hygienic procedures.
  • Regular calibration tests are made on kitchen equipment to ensure food is being served and stored at correct temperatures.