Health, safety, environment and quality

Africa Eco Safaris has a vital interest in the health, safety and wellbeing of all employees. We believe that every person who supervises, direct or controls the work of others has the responsibility for the health and safety of these employees. They also have a responsibility to ensure the safe operation and adequate care of equipment and property within their area of accountability and to be fully conversant with accident control procedures.

The consistent low incidence of work related injuries has been attributed to the successful implementation of our OH&S policy and improved staff morale.

The Company will:

  • Maintain quality systems in accordance with respective legislative requirements
  • Encourage a partnership relationship with our clients for the delivery of our quality program practices that continually improve our standards and productivity
  • Encourage team problem solving through all levels of the company to identify and implement work
  • Report and investigate incidents, then improve systems and practices that prevent recurrence
  • Train employees to competently work in accordance with company procedures and standards
  • Continually develop managers and supervisors quality skills and practices
  • Provide information to all employees, contractors, suppliers, customers and client's that inform them of quality issues; and
  • Review the quality objectives and quality policy for continued suitability

OH&S Implementation

We meet all regulatory requirements through the following procedures:

  • New Employee Inductions - Read & acknowledge OH&S responsibilities and safe working procedures
  • Follow Up Training - Ongoing training to keep abreast of changes and updates to OH&S issues
  • Site Surveys - Bi-annual surveys to test working conditions and staff awareness
  • Accident Reports - Kept on file and updated at our state offices
  • On Site Representative - Represents Africa Eco Safaris on client committees & conducts regular OH&S meetings

Food Safety

Food Safety with HACCP

Food safety is of paramount importance to Africa Eco Safaris and as a result, our clients and customers are served food that has met stringent requirements designed to prevent any harm caused by bacteria, viruses, chemicals, toxins or foreign bodies.


  • All staff members involved in food preparation and distribution must complete an intensive, accredited Food Hygiene for Food Handlers course.
  • Signage is used throughout all food preparation and delivery areas to reinforce and remind staff of hygienic procedures.
  • Regular calibration tests are made on kitchen equipment to ensure food is being served and stored at correct temperatures.

Quality Assurance

The Africa Eco Safaris commitment to quality has been second to none on all projects we have undertaken. Our Quality Plan describes the Quality Management System that shall be progressively implemented for our client‟s projects and is supported by a generic Quality Management System.

The Quality Plan outlines the procedures, which ensure that the expectations of our customers are met or exceeded by providing a consistently high quality of food and services with minimum risk to the customer.